Like all crystalline objects, malas are believed to conduct and absorb energies. It is a good idea to ‘cleanse’ your mala and charge it with your energy when you receive it or get it home. Cleansing can come in many forms; placing it in a sacred place such as your altar or shrine, 'smudging' it with white sage place it in sunlight or strong moonlight.

We prefer not to recommend cleansing your mala in water unless you are familiar with your stones and how they interact with water. Many crystals and semi precious stones particularly those ending in 'ite' are not water friendly as they are soft and porous. 

If you wish to use water, we recommend reading through various blogs and expert crystal sites as to cleansing methods for your particular stones. 


Whether you have chosen your Mala for spiritual or meditation purposes or purely as a beautiful fashion accessory, please use your mala with the care it deserves.  

Do not wear your mala, swimming, bathing or doing physical activity and avoid coming into contact with chemicals, cleaning products or perfumes.  Don’t pull, stretch or carry your mala by the tassel and do your best to avoid knocking against hard surfaces or letting it drop on the floor, gemstones can crack and break if this happens. 

Our malas are hand knotted between each bead which provides additional strength and the perfect space for counting if you using your mala for meditation purposes. 


The tassel is known as a representation of connection to spirit or your highest truth and may also serve a secondary purpose of diffusing your favourite essential oil.

Over time, the tassel of your mala may become soiled, frayed or messy. Simple kinks can be steamed with a steam iron.   If it needs to be cleaned, dip it gently into a cup of cold water, squeeze out the excess and hang the mala to dry (it may also need a simple steam once fully dry). If the tassel needs trimming, slide your fingers down it and cut across the ends with sharp scissors – as you would if you were trimming hair.

Your mala beads are protected by the knots that surround them and should only require a wipe with a warm slightly damp cloth. 


Your Ella bracelet is comprised of locally sourced Agarwood  handmade beads.

It is important to note that this wood can be sensitive to water, so we reccomend to not wear your beads swimming or bathing.

The beads are strung on high quality elastic. The best way for the bracelets to retain their shape is for you to roll them off your arm.  We offer a 2 year promise to re-string your Ella should you have issues at all.  


Our precious metal accents, charms and clasps are either made from Sterling Silver or vermeil. Vermeil is an overlay of gold or rose over a base of sterling silver.  Gold vermeil will inevitably fade over a period of time to a warm silver or light gold colour.  How long this takes depends on care, climate and your body chemistry. 

To extend the life of your vermeil or gold plated jewellery avoid wearing when washing hands, showering, applying lotion, using harsh cleaning supplies or working out. To clean, buff gently with a soft and dry 100% cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth. Please do not use jewelry cleaner on gold plated jewelry.

Thanks again for your purchase, please enjoy your beautiful hand made jewellery from the Island of the Gods.

Big love, Deb & the Team at Mala Elements


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